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Current Tenants 

A wide range of awesome.

From event planners to kombucha brewers, photographers to estheticians, Parachute Studios is home to small businesses and entrepreneurs who have jumped in, taken control of their careers and businesses, and built an amazing community of doers.

What's with the name?

When researching the building prior to acquiring it, we learned that it had, at one time, been a parachute manufacturing plant.


Seemed a cool idea and brand for people who would jump into their businesses and careers.

Meet The Tenants.

studio 1

Private office

studio 11

d'aura entertainment

studio 17

dead fish entertainment

studio 19

nay slayz

studio 21

kiss of beauty lashes

studio 10

amours closet

studio 12

the lash dollz

studio 14

the ultimate key of beauty

studio 16

studio 20

wing unit

studio 22

studio 24

TRL Studios

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